Karacide destroys algae in all petroleum products, storage separator systems, marine ballast tanks, etc. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and EPA approved.

Algae is a form of microscopic fungus growth in the most basic sense. In most species of algae, sunlight and high temperatures are required for maximum growth. However other species of algae are known to live in complete darkness or water and feed on hydrocarbons to obtain growth and reproduction. Algae is found in nuclear plant discharge systems, where high-temperatures are constant, but sunlight, or solar rays are absent. In areas below 30° F it remains dormant, with no growth capabilities. As the temperature rises above 40° F growth begins. Algae can multiply to ten times its bulk within 48 hours. It can live in the smallest crevices of pond, tank, cylinder or pipe weld seam. In appearance, it is greenish grayish white with a trace of black or light red, constantly floating within a fluid substance. It can coat and corrode steel, fiberglass, wood and other materials utilized within the industry.

Common types of algae can be seen in ponds, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, etc. Algae is introduced into fluid sources by infected water, or by the very air that you breathe. This bacterial life is more common in the warmer climates, and near sources of salt water. However, it has contaminated pipelines in the Midwest and large storage tanks in the Canadian provinces. Contamination of any liquid can be multiplied by a still or stagnant condition.

Karacide is a clear water white liquid, having a slight ethereal odor, is soluble in water and slightly soluble in all petroleum products. The product is non-corrosive to metal, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Any infected storage facility can be treated by an injection of Karacide. It will slowly penetrate downward through the vessel, searching out and destroying algae and bacteria growth wherever it exists. Upon entering the interface-sludge area, where there is a mixture of oil and water in an emulsified state, 30% to 40% of this emulsification will return to pure product. A clean water bottom will then exist, and the complete system is sterilized. This may be accomplished in as little as 48 hours after injection of the Karacide however this is directly related to temperature.


EPA Approved


Karacide is primarily used for the control of algae contamination in petroleum products, however, its unique formulation also provides several secondary benefits:

Karacide may be sprayed on the fluid surface or injected into the fluid stream through a pumping system to ensure the product is dispersed throughout the entire fluid system. When used in ocean-going vessels the ships normal movement assists in this percolation.

Karacide is a stable aqueous solution, and therefore not subject to rapid decomposition, as is chlorine-oloxide or peroxide in water. Therefore, treatment should be performed at the primary contaminated areas.

Karacide has been utilized for nearly 30 years by selected oil companies and has proven itself beneficial within the industry. With a consistency of 10 parts per million, one gallon of Karacide will treat 100,000 gallons of contaminated fluid. Basic injection of 10 parts per million should be injected every 12 weeks to maintain desirable condition.


Karacide is available in 55 gallon, five gallon, and one gallon containers